Discover Your Story. Find Your Happy.

A Storybook Garden Party, a unique garden for your yard, or a small garden to enjoy anywhere- the options are endless

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Discover Your Story.

Imagine having a Storybook Garden party where children create a unique garden to take home and care for on their very own! You can also have a one-of-a-kind Storybook Garden designed for your outdoor living space. Individual planters  that can be enjoyed almost anywhere are also available for purchase. 

Find Your Happy

 Each potted garden includes discarded materials, antiques, unique finds and/or nontraditional items to create one-of-a-kind living art designs that tell a story.  Find one that connects with your heart and then complete the chapters in your Storybook Garden.   

Leave Room in your Garden for the Fairies to Dance

  I loved being a special education teacher for over 15 years and then a professor of education for another 10 years, but after being diagnosed with breast cancer I realized that it was time for a change. I am determined to do more of what I love and more of what makes me happy. Creating gardens, big and small, using nontraditional containers and re-purposing discarded materials allows me to raise awareness to the importance of creative upcycling while having oodles of fun hanging with my favorite people in the world.   


The price for each Storybook Garden is based on the cost of materials and labor, and not the size of the pot, amount of plants or adornments. Because many of the materials are recycled or upcycled- you'll find your happy also makes your wallet happy.  

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The Garden

Succulents celebrate mother nature's unique shapes, sizes, textures and colors. You'll be surprised at what you may discover in your storybook garden-   stepping stones, twisted trees, flowering vines or elegant sticks that all turn out to be your happiest succulent storybook. 

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Storybook Garden - Little monsters ($7)

discovered Stories

Hippo for a Day ($35)

        I’d like to be a hippo some day. I would walk down the street, people clearing the way. The children would all point, smile and say: Hey Look! Right there! I’ll ask her to play!  I bet, though, the parents might try to get away For fear that my size will double outweigh Then maybe those kids will decide not to stay. Never mind. I don’t want to be a hippo today.        

Whose What's What ($25)

Many a folk can’t tell them apart but I’ve figured a secret I’ll share from the start. The Whose all wear blues and on  each head a pot, the Whats on the other hand are as likely as not. Those Whats really are a peculiar bunch, if you listen quite closely you’ll hear their  crunch, crunching, their gnawing and nibbling, their chewing askewing. What  do you ask are the Whats really doing- I’ll tell you just what the Whose  are all spewing: “Those Whats! Those Whats! Get out of my pot! You’re chew  and gnawing – just please oh please stop! Your crunching and munching-  you’re making us nuts! Get off of our heads - all of you Whats!” And don’t  bother the Whose asking about all the noise – the question and answer both  serve to annoys. And don’t ask the Whats, don’t waste a minute of sleep. Not even pot-carrying Whose have heard the Whats peep.

My Own Beat ($35)

My brothers and sisters will tell the same tweet- that I drum my own drum and march to my beat. My mom will say “all chicks fall in line”, but I do my own thing, and usually fall behind. Really hard I try to follow the rule of thumb, but I can’t help myself when my wings start to drum. So instead I’ve decided, I’ve made up my mind- to embrace the “me” who’s one-of-a-kind.  When the other chicks stare and point their wings, that’s my cue to drum and sing. “Look if you will, stare if     you must, this Purple-haired chick is the best in the bunch. I thump my own     drum and tweet out my beat, chicks closer come, move those webbed feet.” My     mom and my dad wouldn’t change a thing. They love me beak to tail and wing     to wing.         

A Great Day for an Adventure ($45)

If you look really hard and maybe close one eye … you’ll  notice me hiding there in the bonsai. Leave me home, will they, on such a  glorious day, to picnic alone there was simply no way. I heard the front door open and with my eyes I saw, my people were leaving the house with food  basket and all. So behind them I slide right in the backseat, knowing that  soon it would be time to eat. And now here I’m waiting for just the right  time… shhhhh… from my secret perch down I will climb.             

Feet ($25)

The Couple ($65)


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